Dietary fiber is important. The more you eat, the more benefits you get.

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Dietary fiber is important. The more you eat, the more benefits you get.

Dietary fiber is an important nutrient that is good for the digestive system, excretory system, helps balance blood sugar levels, fat levels, and also helps promote the body’s immune system.

Choose to eat well, your body is healthy, and having good nutrition Affects health Get enough nutrients Promote the functioning of various systems Strengthen And it can also help reduce the risk of disease.

Dietary fiber is an important nutrient ufabet Which is found in many vegetables, fruits, and grains. Helps make the digestive system and the excretory system works efficiently And there is also a lot of data showing that plays a role in improving the overall health of the body, such as helping you stay fuller for longer. which is good for weight control Reduces the absorption of sugar and fat, promotes the immune system. and also helps in excretion and intestinal function as well

Let’s get to know dietary fiber.

Dietary fiber (fiber) is an important component in foods such as plants, vegetables, fruits, and grains. It is a nutrient that our body cannot digest and use as energy. Subdivided into two groups:

Soluble Fiber, found in fruits, nuts, grains, some fruits and vegetables, helps to slow down the digestive system. Allows the intestines to absorb more nutrients.

Insoluble fiber is found mostly in unrefined grains (whole grains), green leafy vegetables, tubers, and various nuts. which, when eaten, will add to the waste. Helps hold a lot of water. Can move through the intestines and comes out of the body more easily Makes excretion better.

How good is it to eat dietary fiber?

no matter what type They are all beneficial to the body.

Dietary fiber helps you feel fuller for longer.

Because enters the stomach. Will be dissolved by water to form a sticky gel. and stays in the stomach for a long time Helps fill the space in the stomach And when the stomach is full It will send a signal. to the brain that we are full which is more full than eating meat.

Reduces the absorption of sugar and fat.

fiber in food It will slow down the digestion of sugar into energy. Let’s go slowly. Helps control blood sugar (insulin) levels which play an important role. To store fat accumulated in the body