6 things that cause harm When using technology carelessly

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6 things that cause harm When using technology carelessly.

Even today, technology plays an important role in life. They help facilitate people in almost every aspect. But did you know that these electronic devices It also comes with hidden dangers.

What things should we be careful of? Find the answer here.

1. Hazards from blue light 

The various lights we see in our daily life are divided into 7 colors (red, purple, orange, yellow, blue/blue, indigo, and green) and are found everywhere, including https://ufabet999.app sunlight. fluorescent light bulbs But the thing that affects most people the most is blue light. It is one of the lights that can easily enter the retina of the eye. Through the computer screens, smartphones, and tablets that people like to use all the time. This blue light causes symptoms of Digital Eye Strain and may cause cells in the eyes to die. If we don’t take care of, maintain, and protect our eyes well.

2. Screens have more bacteria than toilet bowls 

A research institute called Which? From England, recent research has confirmed that touch screens of tablets, smartphones, and computer keyboards have 20 times more germs and bacteria than toilet bowls. This bacteria is called Staphylococcus Aureus, which is a bacterium that causes toxins and can cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

3. Impact on the conversation  

Pew Research Center, a research institute from Washington. A D.C. study of smartphone users found that 82% of people have trouble having conversations in real life. This is because they choose to type more conversation messages and spend less time reading books. This causes the efficiency of talking to decrease as well.

4. Creates dark spots on the face 

Excessive heat from talking on a smartphone can cause skin problems, especially on the part of the face that frequently comes into contact with the smartphone screen. These heats will disturb the production of a substance called melanin and lead to dark spots and darker skin tone. So if you don’t want your facial skin to suffer unnecessary damage. You should take a break from technological devices and use them appropriately. Additionally, compounds such as nickel and chromium contained in smartphones can also cause dermatitis. The solution is to cover the smartphone screen with a film to reduce the absorption of these two substances. Type on the face And you may need to limit your usage by avoiding long conversations on your smartphone.

5. Poor memory  

Regular use of smartphones May cause brain damage and makes us less intelligent It also makes us less able to concentrate. Researchers from the University of Texas discovered that Most people have a poor ability to remember information. If there is a smartphone nearby, the experiment found that Having a smartphone on your desk or in your bag disturbs the user. This will result in us not being able to concentrate. Because you have to turn around and look at your smartphone regularly.

6. Magnetic waves risk cancer 

Using a smartphone for more than 10 years increases the risk of brain cancer by two times because magnetic waves are sent directly into the communication device. The cancer occurs on the same side of the head as the side where the smartphone is regularly used. Additionally, a study from Harvard funded by mobile phone companies concluded that The use of mobile phones results in changes in human cells. and may cause cancer or brain tumors Recommendations that should be followed are: Answer the phone as you normally would before speaking.