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What are the benefits eating fish?

What are the benefits eating fish? Eating rice and fish It has always been in the food culture of Thai people. There is a lot of academic evidence around the world. Support that Eating fish reduces death from cardiovascular disease. Reduce the chance of paralysis

How to treat freckles

How to treat freckles Blemishes and freckles may not be problems that need to be solved immediately. It’s not a dangerous disease. But many people have a desire to treat blemishes. Make freckles disappear from the skin quickly. Nowadays, there are many ways to treat

Ketogenic, a new way to lose weight

In addition to the ketogenic diet method, it can help relieve epilepsy. Nutritionists have also used it for weight loss. Eating the ketogenic diet can help you lose weight. Because in the early stages Eating the ketogenic diet can reduce body weight faster than other methods. Because the body receives

How often do you shower? Is it appropriate?

Is shower every day considered too frequent? The answer is not specific. It depends on how dirty your skin is. That depends on many factors. Such as if you are in Thailand. Sweating from the first step outside the house. You should shower every day. But if you don’t do sweaty