Van Dijk help Liverpool survive transition.

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Liverpool captain Virgil van Dijk understands fans’ concerns ahead of the new season about how to survive the transition period. Which as a pillar like him, volunteered to create the best work Spiritual leader’s mask.

The Reds cleared out some of the midfield five with three of them Jordan Henderson, James Milner and Fabinho having the status of pillars defensive anchors. As well as a spiritual refuge for their comrades in times of crisis. 

Even if the team tries to add quality new faces, it only gets the overtones of the front. But about the defensive game and the personality. That has been shown throughout the pre-season very worried. 

The bad feeling of ‘The Kop’ via ‘VVD’ acknowledges that.

He and his team-mate will support the performance to the best of their ability. The mellow taste may have to wait between seasons. 

“So I can understand the concerns of the fans. But because I am not a pessimist So in my mind I don’t think the new season will be as bad as that.”UFABET

“And But when a lot of the key players have left, the captain, the vice-captain and now only two legs come in… the way we had the ball came out really well. But defensive play time is not good enough. So people are worried.”

“Just wait and see if there will be more incoming players. Then we as operators have to prepare again for a long season.” 

“If you keep looking at the changes of the surrounding competitors. Tou must say that the stone is dry. But my wish is to go back to that point again. We want to be a team that can win the league.  

The Reds’ closest looking arrival is Southampton’s Romeo Lavia. In addition, they have to wait for the dying group like Thiago Alcantara and Stefan Bysetich to recover van Dijk