‘Tuchel’ warns Singha to thrive despite being confident

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Thomas Tuchel still confident Chelsea can finish in the top four. But it warns the team to play at top form because of the fierce competition in the league.

Chelsea currently sit third in the Premier League table with Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal. All are five points behind them,

Tuchel’s side suffered defeats against Brentford last weekend and against Real Madrid in the Champions League mid-match. week

They have a queue to meet. Southampton are tomorrow (Saturday) and the German has been asked how confident he is about his chances of finishing in the top four.

“Extremely confident, but not that it will be given to us. I never thought we’d get to the top four without doing anything,” Tuchel said.

“Because this is the league with the highest demand in the world. We know we have to struggle all season and what keeps us struggling.”

“We can play at the top level. We can reach the top level and we can do that often which is our duty. But if we don’t reach it, we can lose to teams at all levels. And unfortunately we’ve proven that in the last 5 days.

“So this is up to us and this is not a bad thing. It’s just a reminder that we shouldn’t be ashamed of fighting for third place. There won’t be any disappointments.”

“Right now we’re in 3rd place and it’s going to be a tough race until the last game.”

“Am I confident? I’m sure because I trust in my players, in the club, in me and my staff. But do we think it’s easy to get it? No, not at all, but I’ve never felt this way.”