‘Tuchel’ can only accept the dream of winning the King

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Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel admits it was almost impossible to turn the tide in a win over Real Madrid. and they could only dream

“White King” invaded to win at Stamford Bridge in the first game last week. Giving them a lot of advantages before going into the deciding game at the Santiago Bernabeu on Tuesday night,

Tuchel said: “It’s not likely. But it’s worth trying. The effort is that we have to play as hard as we can. “

This is one of the biggest challenges. Must show form in the Bernabeu visiting game especially When you want to win.” the UFABET report.

Thomas Tuchel, l’entraîneur de Chelsea, a estimé que « le challenge ne pouvait pas être plus difficile

“But it’s still worth a try. It’s still at the stage where you can blow your form. We need to blow our form.”

“We need nothing but a great script. This mission and challenge is brutal. Even if we meet someone and where to play

“We are allowed to dream Sometimes it’s important to imagine things and dream them up. It won’t distract our focus. We will support our team and try hard.”

“This is a sports game, it is a game, it is a beautiful game where anything can always happen.”