Ramsdale challenged Raya to come and win first hand with Arsenal.

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Aaron Ramsdale, the strongest defenseman, Arsenal challenged for the title of No 1 of the Emirates Stadium to the inbound. David Raya if you think it’s really cool come on.

‘The Gunners’ have reached an agreement to buy Raya from Brentford for 30 million pounds. Leaving only a medical appointment and an official launch. Causing the final unit to have both the England national team degree and the Spanish national team UFABET

Regarding the above issues, the five-year-old goalkeeper is not afraid even though he has come a long day. Ready for every challenge because in the end the benefit falls on the club.

“Come get it! You already know that the world of football is not easy to come by. But at the same time we need to keep going. And adapt as well.” Ramsdale opening mouth through ‘ITV Football’

“I used to do it for other people when I first came to this club. Therefore, do not come to think for yourself that such things will not happen to us someday.” 

“What will happen,  Until then, let’s fight. We will push each other’s best version. Because that’s what the head coach said. 

“And I’m pretty sure who’s coming in, whether it’s me, Matt Turner or whoever comes in. Personal disappointment must be eliminated. The benefit of the team comes first. And must support the checkpoint masters who are also doing their duties.”  

When entering the new Arsenal, the good goalkeeper successfully competed for the position from Brand Leno by that time the seniors had a degree in the German national team.