Mourinho ‘Plastic Field’ – still confident in qualifying

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Wolves boss Jose Mourinho has blamed Gianluca Mancini’s artificial in front of the Bodo Glimt home stadium for injury. And also confident that although the home team lost 2-1, but they are still the favorites to qualify for the next round in the Europa Conference League quarter-final team

Mourinho’s Roma They continued to fail to win over Bodo Glimt as they face Bodo Glimt twice in the group stage. Only managed 2-2 at home and lost 6-1

: “Both goals came from set-pieces and ricochets, we scored a lot of goals from set-pieces as well. But it’s good to score goals. And it’s bad to concede goals, the first goal was ridiculous,” Mourinho told Sky Sport Italia.

“To be honest, what worries me more is Mancini’s injury. it doesn’t look good This happened because of playing on plastic turf.” UFABET report

Mancini was substituted in the middle of the second half. due to knee pain And will have to wait for a scan of the obvious injury.

“We lost 2-1, but the second leg will be played at the Olympics in front of our own fans. I’m not afraid to say I still feel like the favorite team to go through to the semi-finals.

“I trust the team, the stadium and the support from our fans. But I still believe that we will get a good referee and assistant referee in the second leg

. As for this match, there are two moves that were caught offside. Especially the first time it’s so ridiculous. Offside flag from throw-in