“Laj” warns Salika that even if he is rich, he can’t pull the top team

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Bruno Laj , Wolverhampton Wanderers Considering that a team with huge investments like Newcastle United can’t get players from top teams to join the team

. Saudi Arabia funding (PIF) has made them the richest club owner in the world. Along with the project to spend money to build a team to become the forefront of Europe.

However, the coach of “Wolves” like Laj, who will lead the team to visit their rivals on Saturday. They see that their investment alone cannot attract top players.

“There are about 10 teams that have dominated the sport for the last 10 years. They have stadiums, academy and maybe even liveable cities. There is a lot of investment and they are fighting for many titles,” Laj said. the UFABET report.

Along with the project to spend money to build a team

“It is difficult for a team like Newcastle or any other team to find the right players and managers to influence them and change everything in just one year

. short They only played for 10 or 12 years and a lot of the best players are now in these 10 teams

. City or from clubs that are ready to fight in European competitions. to move to start a new project”