Jurgen Klopp admires the ‘Swan, Boat’ consistently over the past several years.

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Jurgen Klopp has admired the consistency at Liverpool and Manchester City over the years as rivals

Liverpool will travel to the Etihad Stadium behind Man City. City are on one point and have the opportunity to lead the crowd for the first time since the beginning of October.

The German coach said this was important to them. But it is still not a game that will decide which team will win the championship.

“I can’t decide what people think but we think about the possible outcome. If we win, we are two points ahead,” Klopp said

. I can’t help it down. If we lose, we’re 4 points behind. If someone thinks that it’s the end too, I can’t change my mind. But no one who looks at City from a point of view thinks that is the case.” The UFABET report

“If the draw is one point behind then that’s a very important game, I’m looking forward to it, one of the biggest challenges facing football. But that’s a good thing. So how do you work like this

? What is less meaningful? This is good We’re going to have some great games from what we’ve done this season and I’m very happy we were a part. I think there will be a lot of people watching and we’ll give it a try. That’s all I can say.

Both teams are favorites for the Premier League and Champions League titles. Throughout the years

“That’s cool, in the last four years we’ve leveled up a bit and narrowed the gap with City a little, interesting, really interesting.

” Incredible, crazy, I never thought something like this was possible especially in this league. The consistency that both teams have shown in recent times has been really top-notch

. And there were also years, especially last year, where we were very far behind City because of our problems

. Chances are you can overtake it.”

“But we know it’s a tough job. What has changed in the last four years is that everyone thinks meeting us will be difficult as well. And that’s a very good thing.”