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Fish shooting games, fun games, good money, fish shooting games, just like playing games in general, small fish that are like minions can be easily managed. But the reward of the small fish will be less. The larger the fish, the larger the prize money, the more difficult to deal with. Players will be able to choose whether How do you plan to shoot fish?

Fish shooting game, fun game, beautiful build

fish shooting game

Online fish shooting game is a type of online gambling game that simulates that players feel like they are sitting with a gun to shoot fish in a large aquarium. or in the deep sea with all kinds of fish swimming around There are both small and large Let’s get to know the different fish in the game better.

type of fish

  1. Common fish used to collect points by smaller fish. It will kill you in a few moments. But if the big fish use more ammunition.
  2. Item fish We will be able to see item fish that are different from other fish, that is, they usually have a circle of light around them. Maybe it’s a crab or some jellyfish. which if able to kill will get a special gun Or that random items attack within the scene immediately. Therefore, many players may compete to shoot such fish.

Boss type

  1. That warps back and forth but appears frequently, such as the tiger fish boss. to warp out of the hole back and forth which will allow us to continuously shoot
  2. Boss type moves around slowly. walk in and out of the scene This type of boss is quite tough. For example, the hard shrimp boss or the jellyfish boss and so on.
  3. The type of boss that popped in and out of the scene quickly. These types of bosses, such as dragon fish or dragons, appear and leave the scene very quickly. Maybe even blocking our ammunition. causing our target to escape And the power is quite a lot.
  4. Switch type bosses, such as Octopus Bosses, because the bosses are constantly circulating. And it’s hard to remember which one is the one we’ve already shot. This type of boss might need a bolt gun to help. It will be easier to kill.
fish shooting game

Tips for playing fish shooting game

In online fish shooting games, there are many different types of fish and prize money that players can choose to shoot according to their needs. including big boss levels with high prize money and giving out a lot of jackpot bonuses But to shoot fish, players need to plan the game well. If you have little money, you should choose to shoot small fish that are easy to die first. Until he was confident, he began to slowly shoot large fish. To shoot fish, if the fish we shoot that swim from the edge of the screen and then stop shooting because it will waste ammunition in vain.

To play fish shooting game There is a mode to play for free. without investment or top-up You can also go to try shooting fish as well. But you can’t withdraw money from your winning game. Because it’s just a free credit that allows you to try it out only. which the author sees as it is a very interesting promotion ever Because it is an opportunity for new players to try and get to know each other. And start to learn the habits of shooting fish games. so that you can create your own unique technique. ทางเข้า UFABET