Basic Baccarat Rules

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For the basic baccarat rules, suitable for those who want to study information. In the part of baccarat cards. We have brought the typical rules, simple explanations. Easy to understand for you to try to study together.

Basic Baccarat Rules

Baccarat table or casino table will have 1 person pays cards, we call it the dealer (Dealer) at the table accepting bets. Keep picking cards out of the deck. to put out the cards and allow players to place bets.

Player’s side will choose to place bets one side who think the result will be out. And think that will win, there will be a countdown time for us about 30-40 seconds. To decide to place a bet In which the amount of bets is up to us. How much we want to bet on, most of the tables are already set. ทางเข้า UFABET

Other Rules of Baccarat

In addition to winning with the highest points, there are also additional rules for fun such as bets with tie and pair cards, which bets with pairs and tie cards have the disadvantage that they take a long time to come out. Once, but a very good advantage is that if we win, we will get many times the amount. Most of the time, there is a multiplier range of 8-11 times. In addition, the added bonus is the poker card.

Payout ratio if there is a winning baccarat

Bet on the Player side: If winning pays 1 : 1

Betting on the Banker (Babker): If winning pays 0.95 : 1

Pair bet : If win pays 11 : 1

Tie bet : If win pays 8 : 1

Betting on poker cards : If winning pays 7 : 2