Drinking too much iced tea is a risk of kidney failure, is it true?

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Many people may have heard that Drinking tea is good and beneficial to health because in tea. In addition to having antioxidants. Reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and can also drink to feel refreshed and energetic. As an alternative drink for those who do not like coffee. But drinks like iced tea if drinking too much. It may become dangerous to health. The doctor will come to answer questions that drinking too much iced tea. Can you really risk kidney failure?

In May 2014, an elderly man was reportedly found admitted to hospital due to weakness, itching and body aches. The doctor examined it and found that he had kidney failure and need dialysis. But this patient never had any kidney problems. or have a relative with a history of kidney disease. When the doctor takes a history therefore knowing that. UFABET This man drank 16 iced teas a day on a daily basis.

Tea, especially black tea, is rich in oxalate, a compound found in some plants. This oxalate has the effect of inhibiting the absorption of calcium and other minerals. And the body eliminates this excess oxalate through the kidneys and urine. If we eat too much oxalate will cause the kidneys to work hard to get rid of this oxalate Therefore, it may increase the risk of developing kidney stones. and eventually lead to kidney failure